Your smile is made of sunshine,. And your heart of solid gold. You took me by my hand. In times rough and cold your wisdom is a warm blanket. Around my shoulder. Your teaching, the hardships of your life. Taught me to be bolder.

Your caressing touch Your innate affection. Is flawless and impeccable,. Portrayal of perfection.

Are there divine guardian angles? I believe so for God blessed me with a sublime lady To help me grow thank grandma.


Memories of our Past!!!!

Dirt roads I walked on during my childhood days. Now paved and painted. Feeling of one with the earth . When my bare feet touched the ground . Forever be lost and never be found. Progress bears comfort. Comfort made us lose . The connection we have with nature and it’s splendour , sentimental I may be But who will disagree? I used to breath life giving air Now, all I smell is waste of man. I use to swim in summer where the creek meets the river. But summer now is hard to come by As the dimate has been flawed . Greet Storms in summer months Brings chaos, misery and death. Wild flower no longer bloom. Mountain to trash created by us. Seeds we’ll take away the life. Of our mother who cradles us River died , mountain decapitated. Soon the seas will succumb. Everything beautiful we have known Will just be memories of our past . The sons and daughters of our children will be left with nothing but stories of what was once. The perfect blue planet.



Here on Mother earth 🌎. Stand the trees still, Giving us shade and fruits, And yet the trees we kill.

Without repaying them, We just think of our need. Most not aware, Trees are basis for human life indeed

They help combat climate change, helps us breathing clean air, they also help communities,. But for them do we really care? They give us medicine, Help to balance the food chain, But if they fall, we will suffer the pain.

Let’s help government, By 2020 we wish a great number of trees, each one, planet one ,. This is our responsibility,let us not run.

So let’s celebrate Earth Day, and let’s take a pledge for no deforestation. Make everyone aware ,and only follow afforestation.


To Myself with Love!

I was there “in the darkness for me”. I were more like a friend, Than a mentor for self-development.

I encouraged myself , I scolded myself . And I was the best for myself because no one would understand me better than me,from what I m going through. Mom says”God’s call the good one “! Now I realise it was me …….And now I wish let life play with me …. And I believe that I will win all the games happily



My grandpa says “People lie!”. I can’t understand why? My mother says”Everyone is a theif!”. But I don’t understand why? My father says ” At the border people fight!”. I felt it’s not right, I wanted everything To be fine ,Like a star my country should shine. Though I don’t know when to start ,I love my country. Deep in my heart my teacher says “Just read and write when you grow up set everything right”.



City of Mumbai is enormous. At night it looks so glamorous. It is the city of dreams. Here flows the success stream. The best look the queen’s necklace. It’s quite a special case. Edsel world here has lot of games. Everyone get thrilled hearing it’s name. Temple of different religion here stand. Which was once the god’s land! The hit films get shooted here. Where the actor cry crocodile tear! People here are much buzy seeing the traffic everyone goes crazy. Site here is a great mess. And luxurious time here is less.


EXAMINATION – Time to study !!!!

Examination are the fear. The everyone bears. You didn’t study the whole year,. But want to get good marks, And get promoted to next class. But the chapter are so vast. That’s why you can’t study then. Alas ! Maths , Oh ! Calculation,. Which says solve fast,fast,fast. Science,Oh ! Concept,. which confuse you lots, lots, lots . Social studies,oh dates,. Which says cram us lots ,lots ,lots. English,oh ! Writing skills,. Where you never get thought, thought, thought. Exams are not a fear,. Try to study hard dear Take a sound sleep. Take a healthy diet Read all your chapter. Which you never read. Make notes for your chapters. Which you never made . Then the time will arrive. When you become great. Start studying for exam. Because it’s never too late.


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